Having a whole house water filtration system is important to your health

Have you noticed that something is off with the water in your home? Perhaps it has an odd taste to it, or maybe a funny smell, or maybe you can even feel a strange consistency in the water. These are all signs you need to test the water in your home and, more than likely, install a whole house water filtration system.


If you have started to search around for water filters, you might have noticed there are several options that differ in functionality and price. Do you go for the under-the-sink water filter, a simple refrigerator water filter, or do you install a whole house water filtration system?


If your goal is to have clean, filtered water to drink and cook with, an under-the-sink water filter might be all you need. To get the best bang for your buck, you should consider a whole house water filtration system. Let’s take a look at the several benefits of a whole house water filtration system.


Provides Clean Water For All Household Uses

Running dishwashers, cleaning laundry, showers, toilets, and of course drinking and cooking all require water. Not only do these items require water, but they also require filtered water. Most people understand the importance of filtered water for drinking purposes, but what they fail to realize is that filtered water is important for all household uses.


If you don’t have filtered water throughout your home, it might impact other things such as your silverware, laundry, or even your hair and skin. With the presence of hard water, there is a residue that is left behind on dishes or silverware after a run through the dishwasher. The same residue can be found on laundry after a cycle in the washing machine. You may also notice your hair feels brittle or your skin feels dry after a shower or bath.


Hard water leaves behind limescale that is a white, chalky residue caused by dissolved minerals in your water. Hard water contains excess minerals such as calcium or magnesium. The higher the concentration of minerals in the water, the harder the water is. So, if you have noticed this residue, it is best to consider a whole house water filtration system.


The whole house water filtration system will provide clean water throughout the entire home, not just the kitchen faucet. This way, dishwashers, laundry machines, toilets, showers and baths, and your faucets provide clean, filtered water.


Prevents Plumbing And Appliance Damage

If there is a residue left on your dishes, clothing, or skin, you can more than likely expect a buildup of the same residue in areas that are not visible to the human eye. This means that this residue is building up in your appliances and probably in your plumbing.


A little residue here and there won’t instantly harm your appliances or plumbing, but over time as the residue continues to build up, it can eventually cause all kinds of problems throughout your plumbing. This includes low water pressure or the failure of certain appliances. Eventually, the buildup will become so heavy that the pipes can become clogged which is a very big and expensive problem to have.


When it comes to appliances, scale buildup damages the water-consuming appliances, wearing them down over time. The appliances become less effective and break down faster which means you’ll have to replace them a lot sooner than expected. As we all know, plumbing and new appliances are not cheap. A whole house water filtration system will provide your appliances and plumbing system with water that is free of excess minerals so that you’re free of extra maintenance and unexpected replacements.


Prepares You For Disasters

Florida residents must be prepared for the unexpected. During hurricane season, residents rush to the local supermarkets to get their hands on water bottles in the event of a bad storm. Although water bottles are nice to have, with a whole house water filtration system, you don’t need to rely on water bottles for clean drinking water. If flood damage and storm surge impact your local water supply, you’re safe with your own whole house water filtration system.


Even better, if a sewer line bursts near your home, you are also protected from water contamination. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize they need a filtration system until it’s too late. Be prepared and be sure that your home has access to clean water at all times.


Save Money

If you don’t have filtered water in your home, you might be spending too much money on water bottles or soap and detergents. It may seem like a $7 detergent or $3 pack of water is no big deal but think about what you would spend in a year? When you have filtered water in your home, you don’t need to have a large supply of water bottles and you will use less soap. Yes, soap. Going back to the residue we mentioned earlier, when there is a buildup of residue, people tend to use more soap to wash the residue away. With a whole house water filtration system, you will spend less money on items you regularly buy at your local grocery store.


How A Whole House Water Filtration System Works

As you can see, a whole house water filtration system offers benefits that go way beyond providing clean drinking water. Whole house filtration systems remove contaminants from your water through a filter connected to your water line. All water that comes into your house will first go through this filter before it makes its way into your faucets, toilets, or appliances in the house. Whole house water filters will remove the excess minerals such as calcium and magnesium, as well as chlorine, chloramines, and any other harmful contaminants.


The Science of Water

If you are searching for a water filter that will provide your entire home with filtered water, look no further, The Science of Water is here to help! If you suspect something is up with your water, we are happy to offer you a free water test.


From there, we will then determine the best solution for your home.


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