Why installing a whole house water filtration system works

Water is essential to our wellbeing. It nourishes and replenishes our bodies, and we’d be in bad shape without it. If you were to go without food, you could survive 21 days. Without water, you would only survive 3 days. We hear it time and time again that we should drink more water, but it’s hard to encourage others when what comes out of our faucets and hoses is less than desirable.


Ill-tasting and undesirable water is an issue throughout Florida. Most of our water comes from an aquifer that has high sulfur levels, and even though our water is filtered, some traces of sulfur remain. Those traces are present in our water and results in that telltale sulfur smell and taste we’re all familiar with.


In addition to sulfurous water, the ground and well water that flows throughout our homes are also hard, containing an excess of calcium, chlorine, iron, and magnesium. That’s where we at The Science of Water come in to help. We’re dedicated to providing you clean, crystal clear, and pollutant-free water that’s used in everything from doing laundry to drinking. And what we do works!


You don’t have to take our word for it though, let our happy clients tell you a few reasons why working with the Science of Water and installing a Puronics whole house water filtration system is the way to go.



It Can Correct Previous Water System Errors

It’s widely known that Florida has a bad iron problem. It wreaks havoc on your home, leaving rust-colored stains that can be found in plumbing, cookware, and laundry. And when you go to drink it, it has a metallic taste. That’s just no good for us. When it comes to our services, we’re serious about resolving your problems, not just treating them.


Many companies that boast being able to fix your water problems. But often, when families look to have a filtration system installed in their home, little to no testing is done on their water. At the Science of Water, we aim to fully understand your water and pinpoint the trouble areas before determining a solution and installing a system.


When a one-solution-fits-all approach is taken with a water issue, it doesn’t get solved; it gets masked. Such was the case with mother and daughter duo Susan and Mary. Several years ago, they had a city treatment system installed on a well with high iron levels. Unfortunately, the system was is the type primarily used to treat chlorine. It wasn’t the issue in their household. This resulted in the system becoming iron-bound, meaning it couldn’t remove the iron and instead began stockpiling it until it destroyed the system and it stopped working.


After we tested their water to verify whether iron was the only issue, we installed the correct system, and today, they’re able to enjoy clean, iron-free water.



Your Water Tastes Better

What does your water taste like? Is it the best it can be? Most of us have never thought about the answer to those questions. Common, household tap water that’s filtered by the city is often safe to drink. But, they also can have high amounts of chlorine and other minerals. That’s not the best your water can be. Or, like in the case of Darryl and Windy Hunter, they may not realize their water isn’t the best it can be. The Green Cove Springs couple was among those who thought their water was as good as possible, even believing the running water they had in their home was clear. That was until we showed them what clear water looks like.


In their home, they had a water hardness of 8 Grains Per Gallon (GPG). To give perspective, 1 GPG is the equivalent to 17.14 parts per million. On the hardness scale, it falls between 7-11 GPG, meaning their water was packed with minerals. This level of hardness typically comes with crusty faucets and pipes, and in some cases, reddish-brown rings from an excess of iron. In addition to having water hardness, their water was dingy from the bad iron and had a sulfur taste and smell.


After running one of our free water tests on their water supply, we were able to install a filtration system and give them actual clear water that now registers 0 GPG and 0 iron.



There Are Many Options

As we mentioned before, a one-solution-fits-all approach to water issues isn’t how to provide customers with the best water experience. One of the great things about the Science of Water and the Puronics systems that we’re honored to install is that they offer different residential systems that cater to different water needs. The systems fall into five categories:


    • Bacteriostatic Water Softeners: Incorporates SilverShield Protection. Based on NASA technology, it prohibits the growth of bacteria within the filter.
    • Chlorostatic Water Softeners: Specifically designed to reduce levels of chloramine, chlorine, and hardness typically found in municipal water supplies.
    • No Saltwater Filtration Systems: Provides high water quality devoid of salt, potassium, and chemicals. It also incorporates SilverShield.
    • Problem Water Treatment Systems: Ideal for homes with chlorine, chloramine, iron, sulfur, HAAs, or acid.
    • Drinking Water Filtration Systems: Uses Reverse Osmosis (RO) membranes to produce the highest water quality for all water in your home.


Customers Ricky and Michelle Lashley had the Terminator and IronMax systems installed at their home in Lake City to solve their high hardness (7 GPG) issue. Like the Hunters, they, too, tasted and smelled sulfur in their water. They also had high acidity and traces of copper in their water. But, after installing their new systems, they’re happy and have clean, nutrient-rich water flowing in their home.



The Science of Water

These are only a few reasons why installing a whole house water filtration system is beneficial for you and your family. We plan to share more reasons in the future, so stay tuned!


If you’re looking for a filtering system that will provide your entire home with the best water you’ve ever experienced, look no further than The Science of Water. To get started, take our free water tests and learn more about your home’s water supply. From there, we’ll determine the best solution for your home.


To learn more about The Science of Water and our services, contact us today!