Best drinking water for your family

Most people who don’t live in the New York City area might be shocked to know that New York City has the cleanest water in the United States.  The drinking water is so pure because the city invested millions of dollars in protecting its drinking water. The water in New York City comes from a system of reservoirs that happen to be nearly 125 miles north of the city itself.


Those who do live in the New York City Metropolitan area know that they can turn on their sink water and drink clean, fresh water. Can you say the same? Chances are, you probably haven’t given it much thought, trusting that your municipality is doing its job. Think of Flint, MI, and their water nightmare just a few years ago. Most people have no idea where their water is coming from or just how filtered it is. So, what do you even do if you are unsure of just how safe your water is. Do you go to the grocery store and stock up on bottled water? Put tap water into a filter?


Safe, clean water is essential for numerous reasons. Not only does it prevent you from consuming contaminants, but clean, filtered water simply tastes better. For many, that’s reason enough!


The best thing you can do for your home is to install a reverse osmosis filtration system.

Osmosis is a term that most people learn in their early childhood in science classes. Most people don’t remember what osmosis is, so we’re here to fill you in on osmosis, what reverse osmosis is and what a reverse osmosis filtration system can do for your home.


How does a reverse osmosis system work?


Reverse osmosis is the process of removing contaminants from unfiltered water when pressure forces it through a semipermeable membrane. Water flows the more concentrated side with more contaminants to the less contaminated side to create clean drinking water. The term for the new, clean water is the permeate, and the concentrated side with the waste is called brine.


A semipermeable membrane has small pores that prevent contaminants from coming through but allows water molecules to flow through. During osmosis, water becomes more concentrated as it passes through the membrane to obtain the balance on both sides. During reverse osmosis, however, contaminants are blocked from making its way into the less concentrated side of the membrane. During reverse osmosis, the pressure is applied to a volume of saltwater so that the salt is left behind, and only clean water makes its way through.


Reverse osmosis continues to be the most effective method to filter contaminants from water. Here are a few of the advantages of having a reverse osmosis system in your home:


Reverse osmosis water has fewer contaminants


The technology that goes into reverse osmosis works in a way to remove any contaminants that come in the form of molecules. Reverse Osmosis works by removing molecular compounds if sizes smaller than water. Think of this system like squeezing an orange. You keep the good stuff and get rid of the bad. Several compounds can make water unhealthy and unsafe for human consumption. Reverse osmosis is the most effective way to remove harmful compounds. Experts continue to praise reverse osmosis as the best purification method out there. Even compared to tap water, reverse osmosis still has fewer contaminants. It’s not safe to assume that pipe water is one hundred percent purified. There is a reasonable probability that you are still drinking contaminated water. Pipes can contain lead, especially in older homes. Drinking purified water can also prevent numerous health complications such as brain damage, anemic conditions, and high blood pressure. Additionally, you won’t ever have to worry about parasites getting into your water.


Reverse osmosis delivers better tasting water


The taste of water, or anything for that matter, is dependent on the person and their taste buds. However, you can clearly identify the difference between clean, fresh water, and contaminated water. Reverse osmosis water has proven to be much more palatable compared to tap water. Several blind taste tests have been done and revealed that reverse osmosis water is preferred over tap water. Tap water can also give hints of sulfur, lead, nitrates, and other compounds. Which, as you can imagine, are not so tasty.


Reverse osmosis saves you money


If something is off about your water and it doesn’t taste right, the other alternative is to purchase water bottles. Water bottles are safe and great tasting, but if you are using water bottles as the primary source of water, chances are you are spending a ton of money. The amount of money that you spend on water bottles can be applied towards a wise investment in your home- a reverse osmosis water filtration system. These systems are also easy to maintain, only requiring maintenance once or twice a year.


Puronics: The best reverse osmosis water filtration system for your home


If you are looking for water that is clean, safe for your family to drink and parasite-free, Puronics is the best reverse osmosis filtration system for your home. Puronics is one of the oldest, largest companies and the only one with certifications by the EPA and also partners of NASA.


At was developed to purify water for the astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle Orbiters.

Several Puronics products incorporate a SilverShield HYgene Filter to inhibit bacteria growth within the filter media bed. The technology that goes into this product was adapted from NASA’s silver ion technology that was developed to purify water for the astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle Orbiters.  Puronics also offers a line of whole-house water treatment systems that utilize green technology to deliver palatable, crystal clear water while reducing scale caused by hard water without the use of salt, potassium, or other chemicals that can be harmful to your health. Additionally, Puronics requires no electricity or water usage to perform at maximum efficiency.


The Science of Water: Your Puronics Dealer and Installer


The Science of Water is proud to be the exclusive Puronics dealer and installer for the cities of Gainesville and Jacksonville, Florida. Using reverse osmosis is essential in preventing health problems and avoiding the cost of maintaining plumbing systems.