Water Filtration System

Water Filtration System


The Science of Water – Our Services

The Science of Water is an authorized dealer for Puronics products. We offer top-grade and satisfactory water filtration and water treatment services to our customers. We work with products and protection based on NASA’s technology while implementing the advanced technology of iGen to use. 

Our intelligent tools are smart enough to do the thinking for you to monitor your water’s current quality index, operating efficiency, and as a result, help us install just the right measures for maximum output. 

We do not compromise on quality and always provide satisfactory, economical, and top-notch water treatment services to our customers. Before we begin our association for your household’s water filtration system, we will be happy to provide you a free water test to help you identify your water problems. 


Water Filtration – Better Tasting Food and Water

Our water treatment plants can be installed out of sight under the kitchen sink. The home water filtration systems provide crystal clear, highly-filtered water for cooking and drinking at the push of a button. 

These drinking water systems are not only eco-friendly but also an excellent alternative to bottled water. In other words, we are contributing to the community, and we make sure that our customers have access to “Bottle Quality” water in their homes. You can use this water and plumb it to your refrigerator-used water container for ice and through-the-door water dispenser.  


Water Treatment – Healthier Lifestyle, Skin, and Hair

Water treatment has become highly important for each household because, more often than not, bathing in hard water can leave a sticky residue and cause dandruff on hair and skin. Showering and bathing in hard water have also been known to cause rash and skin problems in individuals.

We provide highly effective water treatment for households, which helps to reduce and ultimately terminate this residue causing characteristics of water. Moreover, the post-treatment water allows soaps to lather effectively, leaving you with healthy and cleaner skin.


Water Conditioning – Cleaner Clothes and Dishes

There is plenty of scale buildup present in hard water, which causes it difficult to remove stains on dishes and especially clothes. Water conditioning, when done right, will help to reduce this scale buildup present in hard water.

We do not make shallow claims and make sure that our water conditioning systems are ultimately providing value to our customers. Water conditioning systems help with spots on plates and dishes and provide an elixir of freshness and odor to your clean and shiny clothes. 


How Do We Do It?

The Science of Water is certified under multiple quality assurance and protection associations, and we use Puronics based protection, which is based on the newest and most effective NASA and iGen technology. We use smart valves to optimize the quality of your water so we can provide you systems that increase the operating efficiency of your water.

We believe in an evenly growing community, and we also believe that a household should never have to compromise on their water problems. We can help you improve the quality of your water and assist you in solving your water problems. If you or your family is going through a water crisis and you have been tolerating it for a while, this is your time to stop, take action, and let us take care of the rest. We will also provide you a free water test and free estimation to get you rolling.


We Are Environment-Friendly 

The Science of Water has been in the water treatment business for a couple of years now, and we have only made it this far because of our exclusive eye for detail. We care for our customers, and we care for the climate. We believe in helping people achieve a healthy lifestyle, which promotes an even healthier atmosphere for the rest of the people around. 

We offer environment-friendly water treatment services for our customers. 


We Are Cost-Effective

We realize that the process of complete water conditioning and installation of water filtration systems requires attention to detail, especially with the plumbing to water-dispensers and refrigerators. Many a time, water treatment services can charge their customers a lot because unless they are guided, a layman does not really know what goes in the detail.

However, to take you into confidence, our services at the Science of Water are not only cost-effective, but we also provide a free water test and free estimation in advance. So you don’t have to fret about maintaining your budget at all times.


We Use Advanced Technology

We are an authorized dealer of Puronics, and we use advanced valve systems, iGen, and NASA based technologies – because we believe that our customers deserve nothing, but the best. Our implementation of advanced technology and smart systems allows us to monitor your water’s performance, which helps us to provide an estimate of your water quality index. 


The Science of Water

The Science of Water has been providing the country, one household at a time, with the clean water services it deserves. With over 35 years of combined experience, while serving multiple households in Gainesville, Tioga, Arredondo, Micanopy Florida, and more, we are confident that the Science of Water has changed the water treatment game in America.

We believe that every implementation of the water system has a positive ripple effect on the country’s environment and America’s water scene. 

The Science of Water is associated with the Feefo, Gold Trusted Service Award firm, and we are a proud dealer of Puronics. The products we use are certified and tested by the Environmental Protection Agency for contaminant reduction claims and are in compliance with regulatory standards.  

Our approach is simple; we provide a free water test to our customers where we determine the quality of water, followed by a detailed water estimation and examining the exact needs of our customers. After discussing our estimation and results of the water test, we provide a detailed treatment plan and wait for your forward call. 

As soon as you give us the go call, we move on with the installation plan of your water filtration system.