The Best Home Water Filtration System for Homes on City Water

The Best Home Water Filtration System for Homes on City Water

Choosing a suitable water filtration system for your home should be one of the vital considerations before setting up your home, especially if you are cursed/blessed with a sensitive nose that can smell chlorine or metals from a few inches away before sipping your water.

For people who are health-conscious and careful about their diet and lifestyle, you need to consider a number of factors before finalizing an ideal home water filtration system. If you have been exposed to good quality water for some time, chances are, you will always be able to identify good quality water from the substandard one from its taste, color, or smell. After all, nobody wants to be among the millions of people who do not have access to clear and healthy water. No one wants to drink unhealthy water. No one wants to cook or shower using unsafe water.

When you are living in an area where tolerating poor quality water has become a norm, that is exactly where you have to take the reins in your hand and be the forerunner in breaking the taboo and solving your water problems.

Good news: You are just a 10” filter away from solving all your water problems!

With the help of a quality home water filtration system, you will not only have clean and safe water for kitchen use but you can also implement the system on all the water inlets of your house and make sure that there is only clean water supply throughout your house.

Things to Look for Before Choosing Your Home Water Filtration System

Before you choose a good water filtration system for your home, there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself.

Is this exactly what you need?

If you are spending on an overkill, it is no use. You should never go for a cheap choice when it comes to your health. So when it comes to choosing a filtration system for your home, make sure you have correctly estimated your water quality and discuss everything beforehand with your water treatment system installation experts.

At the Science of Water, we offer a free water test followed by water evaluation for our customers.

You don’t need a water softener in your filtration system if the water you get in your home is already soft. Or if you need an iron filter but the water filtration system you have opted for does not provide this feature, then you are just wasting your money.

In other words, make sure that you are paying for what you need and make sure your money is well spent.

What does it filter out?

Most water filtration systems are designed to filter sediments and dirt particles from your water. Others are made with a chemical treatment to purify water from chlorine, heavy metals, and iron. There are a few systems that even contain a water softener and unique special gadgets to make sure the water filtered is of superior quality.

You will not always need a fancy system but your priority should be to opt for a water filtration system with a filtration process that correctly maps onto your requirements. For instance, if you already have clear water and all you want is to prevent it from smelling like a fish tank, a cartridge system will more likely be sufficient for you.

Does your filter meet NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) standards?

There are a couple of filter options out there since there is a variety of manufacturers in the market. However, while you are looking to improve your water quality, it is best if you do it while opting for a water filtration system that is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation.

Before finalizing on a filter, you should look for a Water Quality Association’s seal on your device. One of these seals may indicate that your filters are a tested one by relevant authorities and have the credibility to qualify as a reasonable measure in maintaining the quality of your water.

How long is the filter’s life?

Some filters can be effective for a year or multiple years. Depending upon the quality of water in your city, you should choose a water filter that allows you to use them for longer periods without changing them every couple of weeks.

You don’t want a water filter that requires you to change it every couple of weeks or even a few months. The installation process of a water filter can be difficult and time-consuming. It requires technique, money, and if you are not familiar with the work, you may have to resort to calling a plumber.

Therefore, it is always a wise choice to go for a water filter that has a great lifespan and happens to be reliable.

The Science of Water – Where Do We Fit In?

The Science of Water is a Puronics Incorporated’s authorized dealer for water filtration and treatment systems. We believe in clean and healthy water for everyone living in America and we oppose the toleration of water problems at all costs. If you are looking for a reliable organization to help you eliminate your water problems. We are here and we will have your back at all times.

For starters, you can utilize our free water test and we will help you decide if you are facing city water problems or if it is just a plumbing mix. Afterward, we will help you evaluate your water and help you choose an ideal solution for your water treatment needs.

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