start your day with a glass of water

When you’re dragging yourself out of bed to prepare for your morning commute or get children ready for school, your first impulse might be to reach for a fortifying cup of coffee. After all, we’re not all naturally perky when we wake up. But when it comes to a quick and healthy bit of AM rejuvenation, there’s another drink you may want to consider enjoying first: a tall and refreshing glass of water.

Of course, you can still have your coffee, too. But here are three compelling reasons to begin your day first and foremost with some fresh, clean H2O.


1. Water Helps Rehydrate You After a Long Night Without Fluids

First, the good news. Some people assume that they are severely dehydrated first thing in the morning because their urine appears darker. However, this isn’t necessarily a signal of serious dehydration, it may simply appear darker and less diluted because you haven’t taken in any fluids while you were sleeping. No need to panic!

That said, you never want to go too long without rehydrating. As Harvard Health reports, “A general rule of thumb for healthy people is to drink two to three cups of water per hour, or more if you’re sweating heavily.” But obviously, you’re not following this rule when you’re asleep. So it’s particularly important to start reintroducing healthy hydration levels when you wake up, proactively treating your body to a glass of water before dehydration really does become an issue.

Fortunately, your body will often help remind you that it’s time for some extra fluid. You may wake up with an immediate feeling of thirst, or that pesky morning dry-mouth. It’s no coincidence that a study conducted in Greece showed that total water intake tended to be higher in the first few hours of the day.

Remember: you don’t have to wait for the coffee pot to finish brewing before you can reward your thirsty body with a drink. Keep a glass of water by the bed for instant gratification, or pour a fresh cup to sip on while you get ready to face the day.


2. Drinking Water Helps You Wake Up and Focus

Rehydrating when you first wake up can also prove itself handy if you struggle to get out of bed or find yourself foggily tapping “snooze” for 45 minutes. Dehydration is closely related to mental acuity and performance throughout the day, so it’s important to start your morning off on the right foot. When you fall prey to dehydration, it can become more difficult for you to complete tasks or learn new information. Even with mild dehydration, only amounting to 1-2% of your body weight, you can suffer a negative impact on your concentration, focus, memory, and physical performance.

After hours of sleep without any fluid intake, each morning may find you on the precipice of an hours-long mental haze. To help your sleepy brain bounce back faster, water is an easy way to rehydrate and sharpen your focus for the day.


3. Drinking Water Before Breakfast Can Reduce Calorie Intake

Actually, this tidbit of advice isn’t exclusive to breakfast; it’s applicable for any meal at any time. But we especially love it in the morning, when we’re setting the tone for the day.

Before consuming breakfast — or any meal — enjoying a glass of water will help satisfy your stomach’s cravings and contribute to a feeling of fullness. As a result, you’re less likely to mindlessly consume more food than you need and more likely to stick to moderate portion sizes. Essentially, drinking water first becomes an easy way to eat less at mealtime without feeling like you’re still hungry or restricting yourself to an unfulfilling diet.

As a bonus, drinking cold water may incrementally support weight loss. This is due to an effect known as thermogenesis. When you drink a cold beverage, your body expends energy to warm it up during digestion. This helps burn a handful of additional calories and can potentially give your metabolism a boost. Studies have shown that thermogenesis from consuming cold water may increase your metabolic rate by 20-30% for about an hour.

Even if weight loss isn’t on your to-do list, no one wants to start the day off feeling hungry and distracted. So whether you’re enjoying a full sit-down breakfast of bacon and eggs or grabbing an energy bar on your way out the door, take a moment to rehydrate with some water first.

Pro Tip: To give your digestive system an extra boost, consider adding lemon to your morning glass of water. Not only is the vitamin C good for your immunity but the acid in citrus fruits can help break down food and make for easier digestion.


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