Saving the Environment, One Water Filter at a Time

Water is necessary for survival, and humans are only able to go a few days without this valuable resource. So why do so many people settle for unsatisfactory water? If you’re up to date on our blogs, you’ve probably read about the benefits of having a whole house water filtration system. These systems will provide your family with delicious, palatable, and clean water, while also helping the environment.


Take a look at how having a water filtration system impacts plastic bottle usage and helps save the environment:


Plastic Waste

Perhaps the most significant environmental benefit to a whole house water filtration system is the reduced need for bottled water. Plastic water bottles have become a quick and convenient way to drink water on the go. However, water bottles significantly contribute to our annual municipal waste figures and plastic waste pollution. In fact, the FDA reports that Americans spend nearly $4 billion annually on plastic water bottles, the majority of which is thrown away, creating a harmful amount of plastic waste. Even worse, some of that waste isn’t properly thrown away and ends up in our oceans, rivers, or as litter in our communities.

That said, a whole house filtration system cures your reliance on plastic water bottles for fresh, purified water, and it produces clean drinking water from the convenience of the kitchen.


Preserves Petroleum

So, having just talked about why water bottles aren’t good for the environment, let’s also cover how water bottles come to exist in the first place.


Plastic bottles are made from a petroleum products, PET, and they use an incredible amount of oil for their manufacturing and production. As stated by National Geographic, the production of one billion plastic bottles requires nearly 24 million gallons of oil. Another study finds that this process would be equivalent to filling one-quarter of every plastic water bottle up with oil. With 60 million bottles disposed of each day, people rarely consider the amount of petroleum used when grabbing an ice-cold water bottle from the fridge.


So, while whole home water filtration systems have many clear environmental advantages, what are the necessary steps to switching to these systems?


Step One: Test Your Water

A common problem people experience when switching to a water filter system is the lack of research. Before making a purchase, it is important to have a free water test done. A water test reveals the contents of the water and gives a better understanding of how this water is impacting your home.


For example, hard water requires a water filter system throughout the entire house in order to protect the appliances that come into contact with the water. So, water tests are a necessary first step in understanding what quality issues exist in your home, and having one done also helps you buy a filter that’s made to address your specific needs.


Step Two: Find A Filtration System That Works

After receiving a free water test, there are many systems to choose from, such as a plastic pitcher filter, built-in refrigerator filters, under-the-sink filters, and whole-house filters.


If the water supply impacts the entire home, including faucets, laundry machines, and dishwashers, a whole house water filtration system might be necessary. Whole house water filters remove contaminants from the water supply before they even make their way into the plumbing system.


Science of Water

Do you purchase packages of water bottles to avoid drinking tap water? If so, you should consider a whole house water filtration system.


Evident from these key benefits, whole house water filtration systems do more than just provide a pleasant tap water experience. They help save the environment from the needless use of fossil fuels, they reduce landfill waste, they save you tons of money in the long-run, and they save energy used by appliances.


The Science of Water is proud to provide the Gainesville and Jacksonville, Florida area with whole house water filtration systems.


Together, we can enhance the water in your home and make the world a better place.


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