How Hard Water Effects Your Skin and How to Fix It

There are several ways in which hard water can affect your home. Soap scum is a common problem for those who have hard water because it forms when the soaps react with the minerals in the water. It’s also not always easy to conceal or clean up.

Limescale, a mineral buildup on plumbing fixtures caused by hard water, is likely already familiar to you. However, if you don’t have a water softener, you might be experiencing the adverse effects of hard water on your skin. Hard water minerals can cause skin issues and damage household fixtures. Minerals weaken the skin’s barrier, block pores, irritate sensitive skin, and cause breakouts.

Hard water’s minerals and soap reaction have long caused skin irritation. Mineral buildup in challenging water areas causes dry, itchy skin and scalp. If someone you know has these issues and wants healthy skin, learning about hard and soft water, how they affect surfaces, and solutions like a whole-house water softener can help.


The Harsh Truth About Hard Water and Your Skin

Magnesium and calcium are just two of the dissolved minerals that make up challenging water. These minerals prevent the water from forming a solution with the soap, leading to the formation of scum.

White soap scum can be seen on the faucets and shower rods of homes with hard water. Clogging of pipes and loss of shower pressure due to hard water are additional problems associated with hard water.


Additional Skin Damage from Hard Water

1. Brings about Pore Blockage.

Hard water can leave a film of scum on your skin, just like on your bathroom fixtures. Unfortunately, you’re leaving behind a residue that will clog your pores rather than getting a rich lather.

Congested pores often lead to acne or other skin breakouts and can worsen existing skin conditions. The skin pores are the delivery system for your body’s natural oils. Clogged pores trap these oils, which then cause breakouts.

2. Ends Up Causing Dry Skin

The scum from hard water can cause irritation, itching, and dryness and clog your pores. The minerals in hard water can dry, and they can stop the body’s oils from keeping the skin supple and comfortable.

Hard water is the primary cause of dry skin and contributes to a wide variety of secondary skin conditions like acne and dermatitis.

3. Accelerates the Aging Process of Skin

Surprisingly, your skin’s premature aging may also be due to the hard water you use. Many dermatologists believe that the free radicals formed from magnesium and iron in hard water harm the skin. Wrinkles and fine lines are common side effects of this. Collagen degradation is accelerated by free radical damage.


The Answer to Your Problem with Hard Water

There are several options for those whose skin is aggravated and dried out by hard water. Moisturizers and soaps are just two examples of the many products available to help alleviate the external effects of hard water. The problem is that these fixes are only temporary and do nothing to address the root cause of hard water.

Hard water removal solves complex water issues. A whole-house water softening system solves this. These units connect to your city water line. In flowing water, sodium ions exchange mineral ions. Periodically flushing mineral ions restores system performance.

Instead of dealing with the symptoms of hard water, you can get rid of the problem by installing a whole-house system.