Employee checking a Puronics filter

Having high-quality water is a necessity in our lives. We use water to clean our bodies, our clothes, and our dishes. Appliances, gardens, and the delicious food we eat also use and benefit from water, too!


However, many homes get their water from municipal sources or wells. These sources are well-known for being contaminated with common chemicals and minerals like fluoride, sediment, and chlorine. And although the municipal water gets filtered, it passes through old pipes, sometimes re-contaminating the very water that was just filtered.


A long-time solution to water problems like this has been Puronics water filters. The California-based company has been filling the water quality needs of people and businesses since 1947. Puronics provides whole house water filtration systems that enhance the taste, smell, and overall quality of the water in your home.


Of course, a significant question is, how do Puronics water filters work? We’re glad you asked! Together, let’s break down how Puronics provides clean, great-tasting, and contaminant-free water to all.




The Filtration Process

Puronics features a multi-stage filtration process to remove chemicals, contaminants, and other harmful items that lurk in your water. What makes Puronics water filters so popular is the technology that resides within its filters. Each system contains SilverShield technology, a filter made up of microscopic silver particles embedded in activated carbon. The SilverShield filter bases its technology on NASA’s silver-ion technology developed to purify water aboard a space shuttle orbiter. In a Puronics filtration system, this technology is responsible for keeping bacteria from growing inside the filter media tank and being the first phase of a three-step filtration process.


Phase One

Municipal or well water enters the tank and passes through the SilverShield filter. At this stage, the active carbon assists with removing unpleasant smells and tastes in the water caused by chemicals like chlorine and sulfur.

Phase Two

After passing through the SilverShield filter, the water then filters through a conditioner of high-tech softening resin. The resin further purifies the water by reducing the iron and minerals found in the water that contributes to issues like hard water.

Phase Three

Before it’s ready to be consumed, the filtered water passes through a silica-based sand filter, which polishes the water in its final moments. This process is also what gives water its crystal-clear appearance and pure, refreshing taste.


The unseen part of a filtration system is the internal maintenance that they undergo to ensure you keep getting the purest and best-tasting water flowing throughout your home. Each Puronics water filter periodically undergoes what’s called a backflush. Your system flushes itself with a salt solution and separates impurities from the filter. Afterward, it pushes them out of the tank and down the drain. This bit of maintenance is controlled by a computerized control valve on top of the tank. It will even let you know when your SilverShield needs to be replaced.



A Filter for Every Water Problem

Another impressive thing about Puronics water filters is that they don’t take a one-filter-fits-all approach to clean water. They understand that there are different kinds of terrains nationwide that can cause a laundry list of water problems, and one filter won’t necessarily solve them all. Common water problems include hard water, iron, chlorine, sulfur, and sediment. To combat the many water issues that plague our water, Puronics offers five residential filtration systems:


Bacteriostatic Water Softener

This favorite water treatment system features Puronics’ SilverShield technology to inhibit bacteria growth within the filter. It also comes in four- and five-stage systems, ensuring that a full range of contaminants is filtered from your water.

Puronics Hydronex filtration system

Hydronex C iGen System

Chlorostatic Water Softeners

Puronics’ Chlorostatic water softeners come in three stages and are designed to reduce chloramine and chlorine levels, and hardness typically found in homes using municipal water supplies. Like its siblings on this list, the cholorostatic water softener uses the advanced technology of iGen to monitor your water and optimize quality and operation efficiency.





No Salt Water Filtration Systems

If you’re all about going green, the no salt system produces high-quality water minus the use of salt, potassium, or chemicals. In addition to being economically friendly, this solution comes in stainless steel and a wallet-friendly fiberglass option.

Problem Water Treatment Systems

Like the chlorostatic water softeners, this roundup of dual-phase filters is best for homes with chlorine and chloramine problems. It offers additional filtration to remove iron, sulfur, haloacetic acids, and manganese.

Puronics Micromax filtration system

Micromax 6500

Drinking Water Filtration Systems

Perhaps the most popular of Puronics’ water filters, the four and five-stage drinking water system is an under the sink filter that uses reverse osmosis to provide your family with clear and refreshing water they can use for drinking and food preparation. The way reverse osmosis works is the contaminated water passes through a semi-permeable mesh. Because the water molecules are small enough to pass through the mesh’s holes and contaminant particles are not, only filtered water flows through.

The Science of Water: Assisting with Your Installations

The final thing to know about how Puronics water filters work is the installation process. Before running to schedule an installation, we highly recommend having a water test performed on your water source. Performing a water test allows you to gain insight into the water that flows through your home, such as the chemicals and contaminants living in your water. From there, our team at The Science of Water can help you determine which whole house water filtration system is best for your needs.


If you’re interested in taking a water test, you can request a free water test from the Science of Water. Request a test on our site, and we’ll be honored to take care of you. Another thing to keep in mind when installing Puronics water filters through our services is that our team can help you maintain your system and even replace water softeners and filters as needed. We are a proud Puronics dealer and have more than 35 years of water experience. We would love the opportunity to serve you and help provide you with the cleanest, best-tasting, and contaminant-free water you’ve ever experienced.


For more information about our services or to request a free water test, give us a call at (352) 745-7070 or (904) 580-0000.