Fun Things to Do with Water

When the sun comes out and the temperature soars, it’s time to enjoy some summer fun. And it’s no surprise that many people flock to the pool, the beach, or even run through the sprinklers in search of a little refreshment.

But a splash-tastic good time isn’t limited to the pool. There’s so much more that clean, safe water can do! So if you need a few exciting new activities this summer, why not try out these 6 fun water games?

1. Slip and Slide

If you’re struggling for creative ideas, start with a classic: the slip and slide! A long sheet of plastic can transform your hose or sprinkler into hours of fun.

Just roll out the plastic slide across a smooth stretch of lawn, and arrange your water source to spray it down until it’s nice and wet. To keep the slide steady, you can pin it in place with garden staples or tent stakes. For extra slide factor, consider drizzling a little bit of baby shampoo on the plastic.

Soon, you’ll be slipping and sliding the day away!

2. Glow-in-the-Dark Water Balloons

Looking for some watery fun to enjoy in the evening? Give these glow-in-the-dark water balloons a try.

Putting them together is easy. One way is to just buy special glowing water balloons online, then simply fill them with water and start the battle.

Or, you can take a pack of regular water balloons and slip a glowstick inside before filling them up. Then, whoever gets hit can keep the glowstick as a consolation prize, or you can use the glowsticks as a way to keep score after their balloon has burst. How many direct hits can you make?

3. Water Gun/Spray Bottle Tag

If there are two things kids love, they’re water guns and a good old-fashioned game of Tag. So why not combine the two? This game is especially perfect if you don’t have enough water guns or spray bottles for everyone. With Water Gun Tag, no one will feel left out.

Take your water gun or clean spray bottle and fill it up with fresh water. Then give it to whichever player is “It.” Time to start running!

When another player gets hit with water, they receive the water gun and become “It.” Now, it’s their turn to unleash the spray.

4. Duck Duck Splash

Need a fun and easy water activity for a younger crowd? Duck Duck Splash is a perfect remix of classic Duck Duck Goose. Begin by choosing one player to be “It” first. Give this player a cup, bucket, or jug full of water. Have all the other players sit on the ground in a circle while “It” walks around them. As usual, they can name each player a “duck” as they pass by. But instead of choosing one “goose” to leap up and give chase around the circle, the “It” player gets to let them know by dumping water on them! 

If the splashed player catches “It,” they get to return to the circle while “It” takes another turn. But if “It” makes it around the circle and sits in the other player’s empty space, it becomes the splashee’s turn.

5. Water Balloon Pinata

Pinatas are a lot of fun, but they can also be a big investment of time and money. Why spend cash on a pinata and fill it up with unhealthy sweets when you could have even more fun playing with water balloons? They’re simple, inexpensive, and much easier to clean up.

Just take a regular pack of water balloons and fill them up with clean water. Then use string, yarn, fishing wire, or whatever you have lying around to hang them outside from a beam or tree branch. Just make sure you hang them in a nice, open space.

The rest is typical pinata fun, with blindfolded players armed with sticks to try and hit the hanging balloons. But instead of raining candy, each hit will drench players with water for a funny surprise!

6. Swimming Pool Scrabble

In Swimming Pool Scrabble, inexpensive sponges become a fun and educational game you can revisit time and time again.

First, pick up a few packs of cheap sponges. The more you use, the more letters you’ll have to work with. Then, write one large letter on each sponge. Don’t forget to include plenty of vowels!

While the kids are paddling around, toss your lettered sponges into the pool for them. Challenge each person to swim out and gather letters that can be used to spell a word of their choice. You can create a scoring system based on the number of letters in each word or assign a point for each one that’s spelled correctly. Either way, this will keep them moving and thinking all summer long.

Enjoy Safe Family Fun with Clean, Filtered Water

In many ways, summer is synonymous with family time. When you want to spend quality time outside, water games are a perfect way to have fun and beat the heat.

But it’s important to always use fresh, clean water for any games or hijinks. If you’re not sure whether your tap water is safe to drink, then it also isn’t safe to play with. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to get peace of mind.

At The Science of Water, we offer free water tests and consultations to make sure that your home’s water supply is safe for drinking, cleaning, showering, water balloons, and more. With our professional analysis, you can find out if your tap water contains any dangerous minerals, chemicals, bacteria, or other contaminants.

Our team can also recommend the best next step to deal with any issues they find. This includes matching you up with the best whole-home filtration system for your household’s needs. Using filtration technology backed by NASA and the EPA, our advanced water systems purify your water supply to the highest standard. So you can enjoy safer, clearer, and more delicious water through every tap and appliance in your home.

Want to know that your water is safe for a little summer fun? For more information about The Science of Water or to book your free water test, just get in touch with our team today.