Fruit-Infused Water Recipes

Summer is finally here! That means cookouts on the weekend, soaking up some sun by the pool, and day trips to your nearest lake or beach. But with all that sunshine comes sweltering heat, and it’s vital to stay hydrated. Of course, the best option for hydration is clean, cool water — preferably some that’s been filtered — but it can get boring to drink plain water all day long. However, grabbing a glass of fruit-infused water is a great way to make sure you stay hydrated this summer.


To get you in the summer spirit, we’ve compiled a few fruit-infused water recipes to try this summer.


What is Fruit-Infused Water?

Essentially, fruit-infused water is water that is flavored by adding herbs, berries, and chopped fruit. Once you’ve added your flavorings of choice, all you have to do is let your water sit for a few hours, preferably in the refrigerator. The result is delicious, flavored water that will inspire you to stay hydrated throughout the day, and is good for you.


Is Fruit-Infused Water Good for You?

The simple answer is yes! By drinking fruit-infused water, you reap all the benefits of staying hydrated, plus a few bonus benefits from the included fruits and vegetables. A few examples include:


  • Drinking water increases your metabolism by filtering out toxins through your kidneys, so your liver can process fat.
  • The more water you drink, the fewer headaches you’ll experience. In fact, most headaches are a result of dehydration.
  • If you drink more water, you’ll have glowing skin because your body’s toxins won’t get released through your pores.
  • Many people mistake their dehydration for hunger, so drinking water can help you lose weight as well.
  • You’ll even experience a better mood when you stay hydrated. This is because drinking an adequate amount of water balances dopamine and serotonin in your brain.


When you drink fruit-infused water, you’re also getting the added benefit of vitamins and minerals from the fruit. Additionally, fruit-infused water is a great way to supplement a healthy diet. It’s recommended that men drink about a gallon of water a day, and women consume about ¾ of a gallon of water every day.

However, 75% of Americans only drink 2.5 cups of water a day. For those who struggle with drinking plain water, making a glass of fruit-infused water will help you reach your recommended water intake in an exciting way. You can also boost your water’s health benefits by using a whole house water filtration system like the ones installed by The Science of Water. They incorporate a process called reverse osmosis, which can free your water of up to 99% of contaminants, including chlorine and iron.


What Will I Need to Make Fruit Infused Water?

This quick and easy summer treat only requires a few things that you probably already have on hand. To get started, you’ll need:

  • Fresh, clean water! While some people opt to use regular tap water, this can be full of potentially harmful contaminants. It’s best to invest in a water filtration system to ensure you’re getting the highest quality water available.
  • Clean, preferably organic, fruits and vegetables of your choice. The possibilities are endless, so don’t be afraid to be creative when choosing different flavors.
  • Herbs are a great way to infuse your water as well. Certain herbs compliment fruits better than others.


The Best Fruit-Infused Water Recipes for Summer

Now that you’re well-informed on fruit-infused water and its benefits, let’s explore our favorite combinations!


  1. Lemon, Lime, and Mint

This one is a classic for a reason! The combination of lemons and limes has great detoxifying benefits, and the mint adds a refreshing twist to the recipe. This recipe is sure to provide relief from the heat this summer.


  1. Pineapple, Coconut, and Lime

A sip of this fruit-infused water almost feels like you’re drifting away to a tropical paradise. The coconuts also have a high potassium content, which is supremely beneficial for hydration. Furthermore, the limes and the pineapple are high in antioxidants and feature a high vitamin C content.


  1. Watermelon, Lime, and Mint

Everyone loves eating watermelon in the summer; it’s juicy, sweet, and refreshing. So, why not bring the same elements to your water? Watermelon is a hydrating fruit rich in vitamin C, potassium, and vitamin A, while the limes and mint add a kick of flavor.


  1. Strawberries and Oranges

If summer had a flavor, this recipe would be it. The strawberries in this recipe add a certain sweetness to the water, and when combined with the oranges, gives the water a satisfying taste that you’ll keep coming back to all summer long.


  1. Mango, Raspberry, and Lemon

Mango and raspberry make this water fragrant, so you can almost taste it just before you take a sip. And when you add lemon to the party, it gives your water a detoxifying effect. What makes this a favorite recipe is its high content of vitamin A and C coursing through the water. So, be sure to guzzle down this fruit-infused water to reap some serious health benefits this summer.


  1. Honeydew and Cantaloupe

These two fruits are often eaten together, so why not infuse your water with them? The cantaloupe is high in omega-3 fatty acids, while the honeydew has lots of vitamin C. Sounds like one mouthwatering combination to us! For the best results, use a Parisienne scoop for this one, so you don’t get the rind of the honeydew or cantaloupe in your water.


  1. Blueberry, Sage, and Lemon

This fruit-infused water recipe tastes like a relaxing summer evening spent on the porch, swapping stories. Blueberries have one of the highest antioxidant levels out of any fruit on the planet, and when you combine that with sage, your infused water becomes excellent for digestive issues. So, now that you know this, gulp down a glass of this water at the end of a hot summer’s day so that you wake up feeling refreshed.



The Key to A Great Summer: The Science of Water

While there are many different combinations of fruits, vegetables, and herbs that you can add to your water this summer, the quality of the water you’re consuming is the most vital part of each recipe. You may not know it, but more than 80% of Americans have hard water in their household. If your tap water has a strange odor or appears to be cloudy, it may be time to get your water tested. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about your water issues before investing in an advanced water filtration system.


If you’re interested in taking one of our free water tests or learning more about our services, contact us at (352) 745-7070 or (904) 580-0000.