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Concerns over the quality of drinking water in America are not new, with water contamination being an issue that spans not just decades but centuries. Water contamination crises in cities like Benton Harbor and Flint constantly remind consumers across the country that water from their tap might not be safe to drink. 

In fact, between nine and forty-five million people each year get water from an unsafe source, just in America. And this issue isn’t specific to any one region — potential contamination is poised to impact numerous towns and cities across the country. Many may be dealing with contamination already, without even realizing it. So what can you do to ensure your drinking water is safe?

Well, the answer is that your drinking water needs to be reliably filtered, whether you buy it pre-filtered, or filter it yourself at home. Some consumers hesitate to commit to whole-house filtration systems, worried that they seem pricey. So what about filtered water bottles, which can be obtained relatively cheaply? Well, before you run and purchase one, you should ask yourself one question:

Is a filtered water bottle the answer to all your needs?

You might assume that the answer is yes. But contamination has ramifications beyond the water you consume.


Is Contamination Only a Problem for Drinking Water?

While a filtered water bottle will clean your personal supply of drinking water, the need for filtered water goes beyond what you personally drink. First of all, you’d need to acquire a filtered water bottle for each family member and ensure that they only consumed water from that source.

But even that is not a comprehensive solution. Many chemicals found in water — like nitrates, lead, and mercury — can be absorbed in other ways. 

When you shower and clean your hair and body, you can absorb these chemicals into your skin. When you wash your clothes with unfiltered water, you are allowing those chemicals and pollutants to taint and absorb themselves into your fabric. Not only does it affect your body and health, but it also affects the overall quality and lifetime of your clothing, dulling colors and destroying the cloth.

Unfiltered water does the same thing to your appliances and plumbing, causing mineral build-up, erosion, and lessening the lifespan of your appliances overall. Water is an integral part of everything we do each day from drinking and cooking to showering and washing our dishes, so having clean drinking water is just one step in the right direction.

But before we reach a verdict, let’s take a deeper look at the potential of a filtered water bottle by weighing both its pros and cons.


What Benefits Does a Filtered Water Bottle Provide?

Even though the need for clean water goes beyond just what you drink, that doesn’t mean a filtered water bottle is without its advantages. In fact, having even one filtered water bottle can help support your lifestyle, overall health, and even the environment. 

It’s Better for the Environment than Individual Water Bottles

Twenty-two billion water bottles end up in landfills each year. That’s right, twenty-two billion. That breaks down to a staggering sixty million each day. The world, including America, is already suffering a trash crisis, and plastic water bottles are a huge part of the problem. 

By purchasing and using a filtered water bottle you can personally save an average of 1,460 water bottles per year. Not only is that a huge savings for your overall budget, but it also helps make a dent in the trash crisis that continues to grow every year. 

It Can Help Keep You Hydrated

The average person needs 2.7 liters of water a day, so having a filtered water bottle with you ensures that you can easily hydrate whenever you become thirsty. Staying well-hydrated is a key component for your health, so keeping that filtered water bottle handy can go a long way toward supporting your wellbeing each day.

It Removes Up to 99% of Harmful Chemicals

Now, every filtered water bottle will vary in what it removes and how clean your water will be. But on average, filtered water bottles remove over 99% of all harmful chemicals, bacteria, and viruses that are commonly found in water supplies. 

While we don’t recommend you use this to filter, say, water from the highly-polluted Ganges river, it should do the trick to keep you safe when drinking water from regular sources.  

It Lets You Use Public Water Sources with Confidence

If you are on the go, getting clean water might be difficult. Public fountains, bathroom sinks, and kitchen faucets are likely places to grab water, but nobody truly wants to drink from these sources. With a filtered water bottle, you can grab water from just about any source and be confident that the water will still be clean by the time you drink it.


What Are the Additional Benefits of a Whole House Filteration System?

Filtered water bottles are definitely a convenient item to have on hand. So why get a whole-home filtration system, which can cost thousands, when you can just buy a few filtered water bottles, instead?

Because a filtered water bottle may answer many of your water needs, but it doesn’t answer them all. And as it turns out, filtration systems can be even more cost-effective in the long run.

It Can Lower Your Bills

Hard water, which is high in mineral content, places a greater strain on water heaters. This means your water heater has to work harder and longer to deliver you hot water. Having a whole-home filtration system can allow your water heater to do less work, saving you money on your water and utility bills. 

It Can Save Your Dishes, Clothes, and Appliances

Over time, hard water can also break down appliances and lessen their lifespan. Not to mention the effect it can have on the items you wash most frequently, such as your dishes, bedding, and wardrobe. By choosing a filtration system for your home, you will spend less money replacing appliances, plumbing, clothes, and home goods, which can save you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of home ownership. 

It’s Better for Your Hair and Skin

Did you know that hard water can build up in your hair and even prevent your soap from working properly? That’s right. This results in a build up of soap residue in both your skin and hair which can leave you feeling grimy and unclean. 

It also can make your hair, skin, and nails appear dull and lifeless. By filtering your water and removing these chemicals and contaminants your skin will be healthier and cleaner and your hair will return to a healthy shine. 

It’s Convenient

If we’re being honest, there are also certain tasks that a filtered water bottle just wouldn’t be suitable for. For example, you wouldn’t use your water bottle to refill your fish tank, water your plants, or fill a soup pot – all tasks which benefit from clean, filtered water. In this case, having easy access to filtered water throughout your home makes your daily life much easier.


Enjoy the Best Filtration with The Science of Water

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