Top Drinking Water Filtration Systems of 2021

Whenever you take a sip from your glass of water, do you ever think about your water quality? If you haven’t, it’s about time you took a good, hard look at your tap water. Having clear, contaminant-free water flowing through your home should be a priority. After all, water is a vital part of our survival. Not only does it nourish our bodies and act as a natural detoxing agent, but it also tastes great.


As we begin to identify more contaminants in our water — pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and naturally occurring minerals to name a few — the need for efficient water treatment systems continues to grow. One way to improve the water we drink is by investing in a drinking water filtration system. The question is, what is a drinking water filtration system, and how do you know which one is best? We’re glad you asked!



What is a Drinking Water Filtration System?

Like all water filters, drinking water systems are designed to reduce the number of common contaminants lurking in your household water. The only difference is drinking water filtration systems focus primarily on the quality of your drinking water rather than your whole house.


There are many reasons why your water quality is less than stellar. It can result from your water source (municipal or well water), the groundwater underneath your home, or even an aging water distribution infrastructure. And when one or more of these impacts your home, it degrades crucial aspects of your water experience, including its taste, smell, and the feel of your water. Thankfully, there are multiple types of drinking water filtration systems to match each home’s needs and water problems. Your options are:


  • Water distillers
  • Ion exchange filters
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Ultraviolet disinfection
  • Carbon black filters



Out of the list of filtration methods, scientists highly regard reverse osmosis as the favorite, as it is the most efficient at removing potentially harmful contaminants found in tap water. Simply put, reverse osmosis is a filtration process that uses polarity to remove impurities in water. How it works is contaminated water passes through a semi-permeable membrane covered in tiny pores. Because water molecules are smaller than those of contaminants, it allows the clean water to filter through the tiny pores. The pollutants, on the other hand, stay trapped in the mesh.


Now that we’ve given you the rundown on drinking water filtration systems let’s look at the best options in the water industry.



Best Drinking Water Systems

Before choosing the best drinking water filtration system for your home, we highly recommend you consider important factors like performance, features, significance to your health, and how much maintenance the system requires. If you are unsure of the water issues you have, we also suggest conducting a water test to learn the ins and outs of your water. Our team at The Science of Water is more than happy to provide you with a free water test! Please contact us to request yours.



photo of micromax 6500 drinking water filtration system


Puronics Micromax 6500

California-based manufacturer Puronics offers four drinking water filtration systems, each better than the last. Its Micromax 6500 model features a slim profile and a five-stage filtration process that lets you breathe easily, knowing you’re drinking the cleanest water possible.


What makes this under-the-sink system so popular among homeowners is its ability to produce the highest quality of water used for drinking, food preparation, and care for plants and aquariums. Plus, the system doesn’t require electricity or water usage to run at peak efficiency. Translation: lower electricity bills!


Photo of a Waterdrop 10UA Under Sink Water Filtration System

Photo Credit: Amazon


Waterdrop 10UA Under Sink Water Filtration System

Like the Puronics model, this filter is also an under-the-sink option. This easy-to-install filter connects directly to your home’s cold-water line, providing you with high-quality water at a budget price.


The 10UA model features three stages which are ideal for removing chlorine, sediment, rust, and arsenic, among other things. Best of all, its filtration capacity is 8,000 gallons, meaning it can last up to a year with average usage.


Culligan Aquasential Tankless RO Water Filtration System

Photo Credit: Culligan


Culligan Aquasential Tankless RO Drinking Water Filtration System

An often-overlooked problem that arises for homeowners searching for better water quality is how much space filters require. That is a problem popular water brand Culligan seeks to address with its tankless reverse osmosis system.


The countertop filter instantly and quietly filters water to deliver a continuous supply of high-quality water whenever you need it most. The system can also reduce 95% of total dissolved solids (TDS) and particles present in your tap.




Photo Credit: Amazon


Superior taste and high flow rate are two things used to describe this popular five-stage drinking water filtration system. When you pair that with its ability to remove hundreds of contaminants from household tap water, you know you’ve found yourself a winner.


The ROES system from manufacturer APEC also features an automatic option that causes the filter to shut down when its four-gallon tank is full. This removes the guesswork of knowing when it is time to replace your filter.




The Science of Water: How We Can Help

Finding the right filter can be a challenge for homeowners. However, it is essential to note that not every home is the same, which means one drinking water filtration system doesn’t fit all. It would help if you learned more about the issues that plague your drinking water.


That is where The Science of Water comes in. As a certified Puronics installer with more than 35 years of experience with water under our belts, we’re well-equipped and eager to help you resolve your water woes. The first step to a refreshing glass of water is to request one of our free water tests. With it, we can learn all about your water and use it to inform our recommendations for filtration systems that will solve your issues.


Want to request a free water test or learn more about our services? Contact our team at (352) 745-7070 or (904) 580-0000.



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