Water From Faucet

Water is one of the most important substances on earth. Water is needed to keep our bodies going, our organs functioning, and not only do we need it is water needed for consumption, but we use it to clean our bodies. The list doesn’t end there; water has extreme utility in our homes too. The appliances in our home, for example, depend on water. That’s why it is no surprise that having clean, fresh water is essential for the operation of our appliances.


There are a few ways you can get access to clean water. One option is a water cooler -you have probably seen these water jugs in offices. The water that water coolers provide is safe and clean, but it isn’t the most effective option. That’s where a water filtration system comes into play.


What is a water filtration system?

The Puronics water filtration system uses reverse osmosis to filter your water. Reverse osmosis systems filter your water by getting rid of the additional contaminants and minerals.


Additionally, a water softener is used where ionization replaces minerals that cause the water in your home to be hard. Puronics water softeners and water filtration systems use activated carbon filters to reduce the bad taste and odors that are caused by chlorine in your water.


So, before we dive into how a water filtration can extend the life of your appliance, it’s important to understand the reasons why hard water is bad in the first place.


What is hard water?

If you remember from your high school science classes, water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen, but many times additional elements are present because water is an excellent solvent, and that’s when it becomes hard water. These additional elements can include calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, and aluminum. Drinking hard water won’t kill you, but drinking it regularly can be harmful. More than anything, hard water has detrimental effects on appliances.


The best thing you could do for your friends and family is to have a free water test done. Hard water might not be the worst thing you could consume, but when was the last time you tested your water, if ever? Rarely, toxic substances make their way into water and can be harmful to your health. The chemicals and pollutants that are in this water might be causing problems or creating risks. Do yourself and your family a favor and have a free water test done in your home!


Here are some of the ways a water filtration system can benefit your home:


Thorough Cleaning: When hard water is present in your home, appliances such as your washing machine can’t do the job that it is supposed to, but when you eliminate hard water from your home, your clothes will not feel dingy or have any sort of residue on them. You will also notice that your hair is a lot healthier because it’s not being washed with all those excess minerals. Sometimes, you may notice that after showering, you still have soap on your body or cleansing products in your hair. This is because hard water decreases lathering capabilities. The heavy minerals begin to build up and effects the product’s ability to penetrate.


Extended appliance life: The answer you all have been waiting for: YES! A water filtration system will extend appliance life. This is because your appliances won’t have the buildup of minerals that it gets from hard water. The buildup that comes from hard water causes your appliances to wear and tear which means your appliances are not working up to par. Water filtration systems help extend the life of appliances that use water, such as your washing machines, dishwasher, and water heater. As you can imagine, you will save money by not having to purchase new appliances, and your monthly water bills will be reduced. You will also be doing the environment a favor by saving energy.


Here is the average cost of appliances that must be replaced because of hard water damage:

Dishwasher: $200 to $400

Washing Machine: $250 to $2,050

Water Heater: 500 to $1,000


Avoid these large costs by extending the life of your appliances with a water filtration system.



Keeping water heaters efficient: As you may know, water heaters can cause your monthly bills to skyrocket. With a water filtration system, your hot water will heat more quickly, and as a result, will reduce energy consumption and will lower monthly bills.


Cleaner plumbing system: Over time, the minerals will build up in your plumbing systems and eventually lead to clogged pipes and decrease the life of your plumbing system.


How to identify hard water

There are a few ways to identify hard water. Those who have hard water in their homes say that the water tastes like dirt or has an odd smell to it, similar to rotten eggs. Others say that after rinsing dishes through the dishwasher, there is a residue left on dishes and glassware. Or, your hair may feel brittle after washing it. Most commonly, you will notice a build up of residue on your sink faucets or showerheads. If you think you have hard water, the best thing to do is have a free water test done! This free test will prevent you from spending tons of money on new appliances down the road.


The Science of Water: Keeping your water safe and clean

The thing is, most people don’t notice they have a water problem until it is too late. Replacing appliance after appliance is a cost that most homeowners do not want to take on. Prevent having to replace your appliances by installing a water filtration system to ensure your water is clean, and safe to use!


If you live in the Jacksonville or Gainseville area, reach out to the Science of Water to have your free water testdone today! We are the water experts in the area, and we want to ensure everyone has clean water in their homes that won’t harm their health or appliances! Check out our recent blogs to learn more about how hard water can affect you and your family.