alternatives to water

Keeping your body hydrated is an essential part of keeping yourself healthy. While drinking water is the best way to make sure you’re getting the hydration you need, it’s good to know what your options are. While there are no true alternatives to water, some healthy drinks can also hydrate you and even provide extra vitamins, minerals, and other things that your body needs. 

Is Drinking Water Good for You?

Many people ask what the use of drinking water is and whether it contributes positively to your health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, water is essential for your body in several ways. For instance, dehydration can cause damage to your brain and your organs.

On the other hand, if you have sufficient water intake, then you can benefit greatly. Water is excellent for regulating your body temperature, aids in the functions of your excretory system, and helps with the lubrication of your joints. Overall, drinking water can help you stay hydrated and ensure that your body functions at its optimal capacity. Therefore, drinking enough water throughout the day is key to maintaining health.  

Are There Any Healthy Alternatives to Water?

While it is a great drink, many people look for alternatives to water. This is because they think that water is too boring or plain. Anyone looking for new, interesting alternatives to water may be in search of options that can help them get the same benefits. 

Water is, in many ways, the optimum healthy drink, but other options can be a great addition to the list of beverages you drink every day. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular alternatives to water. 

Infused Water 

If you want to add some flavor to your water, then the best and healthiest way is to add fruits. Fresh fruit can change the taste of the water and make it more satisfying for people who find plain water too bland.

Infused water will not only keep you hydrated but also provide the benefits of any fruits you add. One of the biggest benefits of infused water is that it can help replenish the salt and electrolytes your body naturally loses during the day.

When it comes to infused water, there are a variety of flavors to try. For example, you can add tart fruits from the citrus family or sweet berries. By enjoying infused water, you can elevate the taste while giving your body the hydration it needs. 

Coconut Water 

Find water boring? Some people have suggested that coconut water actually provides better hydration. It has a higher potassium content, which can help remove excess sodium from your body.

Coconut water is extremely healthy, but unlike tap water, it can be expensive. Likewise, not everyone will enjoy the distinctive taste of coconuts. 

Fruit Juice 

Fresh fruit juices can be a great alternative to water as they contain some of the best nutrients and minerals that your body needs. Some fresh juices also contain antioxidants and folate, which can help your body stay healthy. However, it is best for you to only consume fresh juices straight from the fruit rather than buying them from a shop. Boxed juices come with a lot of preservatives and can contain added sugar that is not healthy in the long term. 


Blended smoothies made with veggies and other healthy ingredients can help you easily get a dose of nutrients and minerals that are hard to get from other food items. You can have a smoothie on the go or enjoy it as a meal to get the hydration and nutrients that your body needs. 

You can make a smoothie using various ingredients such as green veggies, fresh juice, or water. Just bear in mind that while smoothies are great options for a fun, rich beverage, their heavier nature means that you will probably still need to drink a considerable amount of water to stay hydrated throughout the day. 

Safe vs. Unsafe Water

At this point, you may be wondering if water is always the healthiest option for hydration. Often, this depends on the quality of the water.

Many people fail to understand that just because water looks clean doesn’t necessarily mean it is safe. There may be a lot of impurities that you cannot see with the naked eye. These impurities can have a severe impact on your health and can cause water-borne diseases. Therefore, it is very important to understand the true distinction between safe and unsafe water. 

Safe water means water that is free from all contaminants, such as bacteria. Bacteria contamination can cause severe health problems such as chronic illnesses, digestive diseases, and more. To avoid bacteria, toxins, harmful minerals, and more, it’s important to only consume water that has been properly treated.

Water Treatment

Even if you like to supplement your water intake with tasty alternatives, having access to clean, safe drinking water in your home is essential. Most of the tap water that we encounter on a daily basis has gone through a municipal water treatment process that purifies the water to make it safe enough for you to drink. But while municipal water treatment generally provides a basic level of safety from contaminants, installing a home water filtration system is the best way to ensure that the water in your home is clear and delicious. 

The Science of Water

At The Science of Water, we assess and install water filtration systems to meet your unique needs. Using filtration technology backed by NASA and the EPA, our advanced water systems purify your water supply to the highest standard. Whatever you’re looking for in a water filtration system, we can help you enjoy tap water in your home that’s clear of contaminants and safe to drink.

We even offer free water quality testing and consultations. When you need answers about the safety of your local water supply, our technicians can assess your situation for waterborne threats and recommend the perfect filtration system to suit your needs and budget.

Don’t settle for dirty tap water that tastes terrible and puts your health at risk. Get your water tested today to protect your household with pure, clean water that can be relied on. For more information about The Science of Water or to book your free water test, just get in touch with our team today!